Become a Better Public Speaker in One Evening - 7 Keys Become a Better Public Speaker in One Evening - 7 Keys

Become a Better Public Speaker in One Evening - 7 Keys

Become a Better Public Speaker in One Evening - 7 Keys

How to Quickly Create Speeches, Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Communicate with Confidence, & Hold Attention.

Have you ever given a poor presentation?

I’ll never forget that evening. Fear, shaking knees & a quivering voice controlled me as I stared blankly at the crowd.

My memorized speech was caught in mental rush hour and I felt petrified.

Just a few days earlier, I spent almost two days working on this 5 minute speech.  Now, I stumbled through the speech under the spotlight of sympathetic stares from the audience.

Can you relate to this scenario?

I was tired of wearing the chains of public speaking fear and spending days preparing short speeches.

I set out on a journey and interviewed dozens of experts and read many books and articles on the subject. I took speaking engagements and applied the techniques I learned. Amazingly, things changed.

Confidence replaced fear. I cut my preparation time by 80% and the quality of my presentations improved.

Others saw the difference and asked me to coach and teach them.

I took what I learned and condensed it into a training video system called “Become a Better Speaker in One Evening™”

Step-by-Step process will Improve Your Public Speaking Skills Fast

Become a Better Speaker in One Evening™

Learn 7 Keys that will Unlock Your Ability to quickly Create Speeches and Deliver with Confidence. 

Key #1 will show you how to quickly create speeches that are interesting and life changing.

  • Minimize preparation time by using the Speech Tree™.

  •  Discover how to focus your presentations so they are remembered and repeated.

  • Learn a little known secret that will help you speak without notes.

Key #2 will enable you to use stories for maximum impact.

  • Why all great speakers use stories and how to easily find 30 original stories.

  • Secrets used in the TV industry that will help you become a master story teller

  • How to use stories to hold attention and bring any presentation to life.

Key #3 reveals the secrets that the pro’s use to make an average speech a great speech.

  • How a master cooking chef taught me a speaking technique that slashes preparation time and boosts the quality of speeches.

  • Why a simple strategy will cut your fear of public speaking by 78%.

Key #4 will help you connect with any audience so they listen attentively.

  • Discover a simple strategy that will minimize fear and help the audience like you!

  • Learn a speaking technique that an experienced speaker with 1,000 presentations called “Brilliant! I now can easily connect with any audience.”

  • Find out how to get the audience on your side within 30 seconds of starting.

Key #5 lays out a proven system for minimizing the fear of public speaking.

  • How to look and feel confident in under 3 seconds.


  • Why a simple mental tip will boost your confidence by at least 50%.

  • How PRESS™ will make you look, act, and feel confident.

Key #6 will turn a dull speech into an energetic speech.

  • What my mentor Avery said is the #1 secret to being a great speaker. 

  • How to be interested in your subject even if you feel bored.

  • & More.

Key #7 reveals how you can hold the audience's attention and avoid giving a dry presentation.

Just apply one of these keys and you will become a better speaker. Apply all 7 and you will rapidly grow in your ability to influence the audience.  

If you have any doubts. Please let me know

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